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GALE consulting, Inc.

Improve Market Share Through Customer Value Analysis

GALE consulting, Inc. provides a full range of research and consulting  services designed to deliver a market-based  strategy  to  profitably win and retain customers, and improve market share based on Customer Value Analysis.


GALE is the only consulting firm offering Customer Value Analysis per the continually updated standards of Dr. Bradley Gale, our chairman and author of Managing Customer Value.



. . . Helping clients move beyond customer satisfaction 
. . . to competitive strategies that win and retain customers

Our Customer Value Analysis (CVA) model, unlike customer satisfaction, has been shown to predict both market share and profitability.  In other words, it works.  We work with individual clients and industry groups to deliver the kind of strategic insight necessary to succeed in improving business performance.  

Measuring customer satisfaction and customer loyalty? 
Will your highly satisfied customers remain loyal if competitors offer a better value? 

Please give us a call at +001 (1) 281 333-5662 or contact us by e-mail to discuss how you can transition your customer satisfaction and customer loyalty measurements to the more strategic Customer Value approach.